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Welcome to Titfers


Titfers is now over 25 years old and I am still constantly learning new things about this lovely business from the ladies who come to see me.  They bring with them, not only the carefully chosen outfits they will be wearing for a forthcoming event, but also many exciting ideas about how they wish their finished hat to be. 

Our summer hats are made mainly in sinamay and parisisal. We make most of the trims individually by hand which are then attached to the hat using needle and thread.  The customer's head is measured and there will be a lacing placed inside the hat for fine tuning.  All the materials we use are of the highest quality.  Hats can also be purchased "off the shelf" and most of our hats are available for hire.

We have many ideas to offer our customers with a large range of hats in many different colours, shapes and sizes, these can be made to order with the customer choosing how the hat will be trimmed.  Another choice is matching jewellery made using the stunning Swarovski crystals and pearls, again available in a vast range of colours, shapes and sizes. 


We also make winter hats and trilbys which can be made from a whole range of fabrics including: velour, wool felt, melusine animal print, etc., all of which are of the highest quality` with a choice of well over 50 colours.  Our beautiful trilbys can be made for men also but with the bow being placed on the left hand side of the hat, we offer a choice of six different styles.

Should you require a bag to match your outfit, we are pleased and proud to be stockists of the very beautiful Jack & Rose range of elegant bags which  can be made to co-ordinate and match your chosen hat in a colour & style of your choice. 

We also stock bridal tiaras, combs, bands, clips and vines and we are pleased  to be stockists of the award winning Richard Designs Bridal Hairpieces.  These beautiful hand made pieces are also very suitable to wear to the school prom.

You would be most welcome to make an appointment to come and see us, please telephone 01908 610687 if you require any help and advice when planning your outfit.

My kind regards  ~  Gillian Hughes - Milliner

Appts:  07901 938470 ~ 01908 610687

Established:  1998

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